Friday, February 10, 2012

guess who's back, back again

Who's the worst blogger in the world? Oh, that's right, me! Apologies, again, for letting my blog languish for two whole months without a single post. I really need to set myself reminders to post because otherwise, the days get away from me. I do have a good excuse, though (don't I always?). WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! So this past month, we've been signing mortgage documents, arranging inspections, getting our current house ready for sale and all that other fun stuff. We're set to close March 17. Our new place is about three times the size of our current, house. It even has a sun room, a built-in bar in the basement and a patio! And...more than one bathroom! And closets galore, so I can finally stop donating my clothes after running out of space in this place. Yeah, I'm a little excited.

On the trailer front, we have a couple of things going on...

1. New batteries! For Christmas, Steve's parents gifted us with a pair of golf cart batteries to replace the ones that died. They're supposedly much more powerful than what we had. (Side note: I had no idea golf carts required that kind of power.) As much as we'd like to get a generator, that isn't financially possible right now, so hopefully these will do the trick. We haven't had a chance to install them yet but plan on doing so probably as soon as we're all moved into the new place and have a free Saturday to devote to it.

2. Planning our Summer 2012 getaway. It seems like it's light years away, but we're already squirreling away money for a return trip to Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, GA. Our stay will take place over the week of the 4th of July, since that's the only week this summer I don't have school (boo!). I'm just impressed we had the foresight to set up a savings account for a summer vacation in January. We realized it was a necessity since most of our expenses come from getting gas, and we don't want those costs to cut into our other *fun* vacation expenditures. We should be pretty well-prepared by the time the trip rolls around. Watch out for me, boutiques of downtown Savannah. I'm comin' at ya, and I'll actually have some cash this time!

3. Looking for a new home for our trailer. Don't worry, it's staying with us! But we need to find a new storage facility that's closer to our new abode. Steve was also looking up ads on craigslist where people offered their driveways as trailer storage in return for a monthly fee. I'm not sure whether or not that's the safest option, but it's certainly cheaper.

As we get ready to move, the trailer's going to come in handy, since we'll probably use it to move some of the smaller items back and forth. Who knew this thing was so multitalented? Hope everyone is having a great winter and safe travels to anyone lucky enough to be on the road right now!