Our Towing Combination

The Rest Lab is a 2011 Jayco Jay Flight 22FB. We met this charming and spacious specimen in February 2011, and it was love at first sight (well, for April...Steve cooled his passions until after we crunched the numbers). The Jay Flight sleeps four to six people and measures 26 feet hitch to bumper (22-feet interior). Other features include wall thermostat, multimedia premium sound system, microwave, patio awning, tub/shower with skylight, oven, outside shower, dinette, couch and queen-size bed. Why the name? Well, any fan of Breaking Bad knows RVs can come in pretty handy as meth labs. Since we don't plan on getting into that business, and this trailer will be used for good only -- aka relaxation, leisure, etc. -- we're calling it The Rest Lab.

The 2003 Mercury Mountaineer is the brave vehicle tasked with hauling 4,600 lbs on each of our expeditions. We plunked down the cash for the Mountaineer in August 2010, as our first post-wedding splurge. At the time of our purchase, it clocked in at 55,000 miles. It has a maximum towing capacity of close to 7,000 lbs.

Hitch & Accessories
The Hensley Arrow is our hitch of choice. After doing quite a bit of research on driving with trailers, we opted not to go with the standard hitch offered with our package. The Hensley Arrow promises to completely eliminate trailer sway, which occurs when side force (winds, tractor-trailers) hits the side of the trailer. We were particularly concerned about trailer sway because our Mountaineer is much smaller and less powerful than the trucks that usually pull trailers. Although it was an extra expenditure (and Steve had to install it himself without the help of actual mechanics), it was completely worth it for the smoother ride and peace of mind.