About Us

April is a full-time editor and writer and part-time student. In her spare time she enjoys shopping to excess, watching her favorite shows (Teen Mom, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Idol), running, hiking and taking care of Lola and her two guinea pigs, Pumpkin and Possum. Unless otherwise noted, April is the author of all blog posts.


Steve is a full-time plumber. When he's not tooling around in the RV, Steve enjoys Flyers hockey, eating to excess, grilling outside, fishing and watching movies. Steve is the official driver, (amateur) mechanic and handyman of the RV. He contributes all technical-related content to the blog and may make guest posts on occasion.  

Lola is an approximately four-year-old pitbull mix who bounded into our lives in April 2009. As a stray brought in off the streets of Allentown, PA, she won us over with her bright, expressive eyes and impressive muscular stature. She was known as one of the most difficult dogs in the shelter we adopted her from, owing to her high-energy personality. However, the day we brought her home, she revealed her true identity: a lazy, cuddly snugglebug who fancies herself a lapdog. When she's not accompanying us on camping trips, she enjoys monopolizing couch space, eating, playing with her cousin Phoebe, chewing Frisbees to within an inch of their lives and running with April (sometimes).