Friday, April 8, 2011

Damn you, Camping World!

And by "damn you," I really mean you rock my world, you sneaky genius.

Last night we watched an episode of Celebrity Apprentice that pitted the two groups against each other in a competition to create the best sales display for an RV. Well, really the whole point was to sell the camping "experience," and it focused more on Camping World, a one-stop shop for camping gear and supplies, than RVs in general. In any case, it was absolutely brilliant marketing.

I'd never heard of Camping World, but as soon as I saw Star Jones, Marlee Matlin and Dionne Warwick traipsing around the store and snapping up RV accessories and accoutrements "like they were Louis Vuittons," I had to look this place up.

And O.M.G. This place is insane. Imagine a Bed Bath and Beyond entirely for RVs. In other words, sheer heaven. Any household item you can think of, they have it in a version that's intended to maximize your space while being convenient at the same time. In the past few months something monumental seems to have shifted in my brain, and I now find nothing more exciting than the chance to outfit my "second home" in miniaturized versions of everything.

Within minutes I had built up a pretty significant wish list, and Steve decreed that we could buy at least some of the things, whatever we needed the most. It was hard, but we managed to narrow it down to the essentials, which included:

1. Toaster forks, set of 4 (for 'smores, of course)
2. Over-the-door compact towel bar (keeping towels in place)
3. Sinkware organizer (for sponges, soap, etc.)
4. Stay-put hangers (so clothes don't fall off during drives)
5. Paper towel holder to be mounted under cabinet (another genius space saver, and very necessary for messy eaters like us...or, well, just me)
6. RV queen-size sheets
7. Memory foam mattress topper (!!!!!!!!!!)

I can't wait! There are a few other things I have my eye on (like a wall-mounted toothbrush holder, an under-shelf sliding cup rack, an over-the-sink cutting board and especially an under-cabinet coffeemaker) but slow your roll April, there's plenty of time for all of that. Too bad we didn't know we were getting an RV last year, because forget Macy's, we would've registered at Camping World.

Two weeks until our next "mini" trip and it can't come soon enough!


  1. OMG I would have bought you SO MUCH RV STUFF if you'd registered there. I would have robbed a bank to do it!

  2. damn! looks like i need to get married again! also, you need to give me more of your camping recipes!! i'm so psyched to try out the potato one!

  3. Camping World is like Disneyland for Rver's is the BEST!!!