Monday, June 13, 2011


Checking out is never fun, and the morning we had to leave Holly Shores was no different. Although we'd set our alarm clocks to wake up early, we ended up sleeping in past 9, and checkout was at 11 a.m. Yikes! To ensure we'd make it out on time, Steve offered to take Lola to the dog park while I worked on putting everything away and straightening things up. The nice part was that I didn't have to pack everything up yet, since we weren't going to do that until we got back home.

By the time Steve came back with Lola, I was already mostly done with my end of the deal, and had started cleaning (another thing I didn't have to do just then, but it certainly wouldn't hurt). While I was inside, Steve unhooked everything and hitched up to the car -- all by himself! Guess he doesn't need my help so much seems to take much longer when I'm running my mouth, anyway!

The drive home was so blissfully uneventful and relaxing that I used it as an opportunity to nap. When I woke up, we were driving over the bridge to Philly, which is where we finally hit some stop-and-go traffic. It wasn't too bad, though -- we made it home in about two hours flat, which is pretty good for a Sunday in June.

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing...
Dropping the trailer off at the storage facility is what I imagine it's like for parents to drop their kids off at sleepaway camp. You know you're going to see each other soon enough, but it's a gloomy time nevertheless. And it seems the longer we're on vacation, the harder it is for us to return to normal life. With work looming ahead the very next day, we decided to put off the rest of cleaning for another day in favor of grabbing lunch and a couple drinks at our neighborhood bar/grille.

Coming home, I was suddenly amazed by the space in our house...we could walk by each other without touching! Lola wasn't constantly underfoot, and I wasn't always on the verge of or in the aftermath of stubbing my toe or hitting my elbow/knee on something! Is that an echo I hear when I speak? And so on. And it's not like our house is big or anything, but I was now appreciating things I took for granted before.

Of course, give me another week or so back home and I'll be itching to get back in the trailer, for sure!

The trip as a whole was extremely successful. We managed to do a little bit of all our favorites, although next time we also want to try crabbing. Staying at Holly Shores was overall a pleasure. Since we'll probably be back at the shore a couple more times this summer, we'd like to try out as many different parks as possible. However, Holly Shores is probably one of the most dog-friendly campgrounds in that area, so there is a chance we could be back if we can't find a suitable alternative.

Now, for the ratings...
Pros: location near Cape May and Wildwood, pool, nature trail, dog park, clean and homey appearance, level site, friendly staff, game room
Cons: bad (and not free) WiFi, camp store not well-stocked


  1. Glad you made it home safe and that it was such a successful trip. Sounded like you were having a lot of fun.

    The black and blue marks all over my arms and legs are just now starting to fade. The first couple of weeks I was crashing into everything. I had to learn to move slower, and smaller. I think I'm starting to "get it" because I don't have any new ones.

    So when's the next trip?

  2. Haha, I thought I was just being clumsy! Good to know I'm not the only one bumping into things, and that it'll eventually start to get better!

    Next trip will probably be the weekend after this one, we're hoping...Steve's work schedule is a bit uncertain at this point
    It'll be a short trip, maybe one night or two, but I can't wait!

  3. welcome home Solla-mates! is sad to leave your home on wheels parked in a storage lot...soon you will be pulling out again!..hang in there!!