Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Midweek Madness

The weekenders at Holly Shores have departed, which means...we're all alone! It's very, very quiet here, which is nice. Now when we go to the pool, instead of having kids do cannonballs and kick water in our faces, we have it almost to ourselves. I guess most people just come down for the weekend, although there are a lot of park models here that some use to stay for the season.

A ghostland

These spots were all filled before
We spent yesterday traipsing through Cape May, which would've been a lot more enjoyable had we not exhausted so much of our spending money on that air conditioner. For me, shopping without being able to buy is like putting an alcoholic in a bar and telling him he can't have a drink. Torture! So we were reduced to browsing, window-shopping and price-comparing. Steve decided we need to have a theme for our RV, and decorate it appropriately. Cape May's teeming with seashore-oriented country stores, so we ended up looking for knickknacks that would fit into our theme (which is going to be nautical or shore-related). Of course, we didn't end up buying anything yet, but we found a lot of possibilities. Our paychecks really need to come yesterday!

View from the bridge going into Cape May
"Shopping"...I'm awkward

The good thing about having limited funds is that we don't have to worry about buying food or other necessities. Everything's all here! I do wish there were more activities at this campground, though. There's supposedly a lake nearby where you can rent kayaks and canoes, but it's not actually part of this property. Other than that, there isn't much else. And you can only go to the pool so many times before your skin burns to an attractive red crisp.

I guess we're starting to get a bit greedy when it comes to campgrounds. After getting a taste of the lush resort facilities at Lake-in-Wood, we've come to expect a different kind of standard. In planning our next long trip, which will hopefully occur in August, we found a park in Myrtle Beach that not only has an indoor and outdoor pool, a lake, and a beachfront location, but ALSO a freaking lazy river. That's it, I'm sold. At a certain point, though, we have to realize that we chose this camping lifestyle because we enjoy nature and simplicity without all the frills of resorts.

Still, though. If I can stay somewhere in my trailer for a reasonable price, and there just happens to be a lazy river on the premises, I'll be the happiest camper that ever was.

Speaking of authentic camping, we finally got around to building a campfire last night. Well, Steve did anyway. The firestarters we picked up at the camp store were a bit pricey, at $1.99 a pop, but they sure worked like a charm. By the time I collected all the s'mores supplies, we had a beautiful blaze going.

He's pretty happy 


  1. It's funny how we want to be out in nature - but it can get boring! Do you guys play cards or Yatzee or dominoes? Do you have a TV? I find I have to be doing something, reading, playing with my computer, etc. I can't just "enjoy nature." Of course, I'm camping alone, and the conversation is kind of underwhelming when it's one-sided. :)
    The campfire looks wonderful!

  2. Dude. Fire starters? Waste of money. Come visit and I'll teach you how to make your own. Super cheap. Girl Scout training to the rescue!

  3. Great idea, Barbara! We definitely need to get some games in here. We have a TV, but the cable doesn't seem to be working (yet another thing that needs to be fixed!). You're right that nature is great but can get a little boring after a while. I think a good game or two would be the perfect solution :)

  4. Making your own fire? Like rubbing sticks together? Sounds time consuming :) but i'd be happy to find out a cheaper way to build fires if you'll teach me!

  5. we play scrabble!!..'sambuca scrabble!'..spell a word take a shot!!!!..drunk by the time the game is over!

  6. oooh love that idea!! that's gotta happen for our next trip!