Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Georgia on my mind...

Ugh! This summer is going by way too fast. The past two weekends have been dominated by social commitments, so even though we had to travel, the trailer wasn't along for the ride. The good part is we've been able to spend time with friends we don't see very often, which means a lot of bragging about our new part-time RVing lifestyle. Suffice it to say, we have quite a few people requesting to join us on future vacations!

Awesome news: As of two days ago, we made reservations for our end-of-summer voyage. This will be our longest trip in terms of duration, but shorter than our stay at Holly Shores in Wildwood. We'll set out on Tuesday, August 30 and plan to drive 5-6 hours until we reach a Walmart suitable for boondocking. We'll wake up bright and early the next morning to finish the rest of the drive to...Savannah, GA!

Originally, we had planned to stay at a campground in Myrtle Beach, since that seemed like a reasonably long distance away, but something we could still manage in the span of a week. Then Steve's allotted vacation time was cruelly shortened, so we thought we might try looking for a place a bit closer, like in North Carolina. We spent a lot of time researching campgrounds in both NC and SC but couldn't find anything we liked. If the place was ah-mazing, like the one I mentioned before with the lazy river, it either cost beaucoup bucks or didn't allow dogs (or restricted the breeds it did allow). I did find a couple spots that looked promising, like on the Outer Banks. While that area seemed quieter and more serene than we're used to (certainly moreso than the Jersey Shore!), I was about to take the plunge and call in a reservation. Then Steve admitted, "You know where I really want to go? Savannah." Yes, that was approximately 226 miles further than Myrtle Beach, which at that point we were considering only as a secondary option. But who cares! It's Savannah. Only the most gorgeous/adorable/freakin' awesome town on the planet.

I've been scheming for a way to get back down to Savannah for years now, ever since the first (and up until now, only) time Steve took me there in October 2006. Steve used to live there for a few years before we met, so I guess this was a way of introducing me to a big part of his life (aka Waffle House, Krystal, Bojangles, the finer things in life). Unfortunately, I may have driven him so crazy during that two-day drive there and back that he swore he'd never again endure that long of a car ride with me. (Long story- I wasn't feeling well.) Apparently, it's been just long enough that he's completely forgotten that statement, and I'm going to take full advantage!
Ahh, young love...Savannah '06
If we were going to make this trip worthwhile, we damn well had better save some money along the way. Steve found a state park that allows camping called Skidaway Island State Park. For $28 a night. There was no way we were going to find anything cheaper, that's for sure. The great thing about this park is that it's pretty close to everything -- downtown Savannah, beaches of Tybee Island -- yet it's also secluded at the same time, if the reviews on TripAdvisor are anything to go by.

Now, not only am I excited about returning to Savannah, but also I can't wait to visit all our "spots" along the way. Finally, our trailer is going to get to see all the beautiful kitsch that I-95 has to offer. Like this! better believe it!


  1. sounds like a great plan and a fabulous trip!..we know you will be bloggin' about it..!!!

  2. Great destination - I love Savannah too. Can't wait to read your trip report!