Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On the eve of our first wedding anniversary, we had plans to head off for a Lola-free night at a nearby campground. Steve's parents had graciously offered to take her for the night. Unfortunately, we decided to postpone that mini trip because of the intermittent storms. The fact that our Mountaineer is also showing an ABS light on the dashboard didn't exactly help matters. Steve is nervous enough about pulling the trailer in rainstorms, and a glitch in the anti-lock brake system wouldn't make that any easier.

Either way, we need to get this checked out before we head down to Savannah. I'm hoping it's nothing major -- after all, it just passed inspection (a really cheap one, in fact) two short months ago. But as it happens, we're in the middle of a streak of bad luck as it relates to our vehicles. Our other car, a 1998 Buick Riviera (Steve's baby), just came out of the shop after a four-figure inspection/repair job. Before that happened, we were thinking of taking the Mountaineer in for its absolutely abysmal air conditioning, but that had to take a backseat. I would blame all of these problems on buying used vehicles, but as we can see from our issues earlier in the summer, even new vehicles aren't perfect.

We did take the opportunity to do some decorating in the RV, though. We've had these little accoutrements for a while now, but we finally got some special sticky-hooks to hang them up. They may be made especially for RVs, but I love those little hooks. I'm thinking of ordering some from Camping World and sticking them all over my house!

We ended up having a lovely anniversary even though we weren't able to go ahead with our original plans. On Saturday night, we cashed in on our wedding venue's gift to us -- dinner for two (including appetizers, entrees, desserts and nonalcoholic beverages). And the next day, we continued the food extravaganza at my parents' and in-laws' house. Because it was our anniversary, the main thing we ate, of course, was our delicious (still) one-year-old cake!

I'm happy to say that to Steve's chagrin, I *finally* got to shove cake in his face (he refused to let me on our wedding day for reasons I still don't understand...I was all for it, and who was the one wearing the white dress?!). Anyway:
Open wide!

Heh heh heh
 Then came revenge.
The trick is to keep your head up so the crumbs don't fall on your lap

Yum! Good look for me


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!!..love those little hooks too..they are the best and when you pull them off like it says in the directions...voila!!..they actually come off!!!
    love the welcome sign!!..so cute!!
    it's our 30th anniversary next week..man we are old!!

  2. Happy Anniversary - it sounds like you had a great time, even if it wasn't in the TT.
    The Velcro, I found, pulls off wallpaper when you pull it off, so be careful where you use it, but I did remove one of the hooks, and it came off clean. Really like those hooks. I have them inside cupboard doors, too, for hanging dog leashes, keys, sweatshirt, anything that will work and fit. :)

  3. thank you both! and happy 30th Sue and Doug!!
    Barbara- These hooks actually have some stickers on the back of them, but we're probably going to get some Velcro hooks for that welcome sign- so thanks for the tip!

  4. Happy Anniversary - wishing you MANY more. I think hubby won the cake smashing contest!!