Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Water Conservation is Important...

One of the most exciting parts about setting up camp is pulling out the awning. I don't know why, but it instantly lends a homey touch to the campsite. We do need to invest in some cute lights, though. I was thinking it would be too much trouble to have to string them up and then take them down for every trip, but I think it'll be worth it. Especially if we're staying for a few days somewhere.

All settled in for the night...gotta love our patriotic chairs (so comfy!)
Tybee time!
Going to Tybee Island was one of our first priorities upon arrival. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring Lola, but she had a date with the couch and the AC anyway. Tybee was about 45 minutes away and well worth the trip. For one thing, there are no open-container laws on the beach (or in Savannah either), so you can basically drink alcohol while you're swimming, tanning, playing beach volleyball or whatever you want. We opted to stay sober and alert for the most part but still, it was nice to have that option (considering you can't get away with it in either Jersey or PA!).On the second day we went, we packed our own lunches and refreshments, as we're slowly but surely learning to be frugal.

Long view of the pier in the distance
This bar was a popular spot (apparently not when I took this picture)
There was a lot of seaweed and grass on the beach...guess that beats rocks and broken bottles!
By Friday, we were facing a serious problem with our water tanks. See, at every other campground we either didn't stay long enough to require the dump station facilities or we could unload the sewer pipe right on the site itself. This time we didn't have that luxury, so those tanks filled up FAST. And how did I discover this? Well, I dropped my toothbrush in the bathtub only to have to retrieve it from two feet of water. Lovely! I was seriously afraid this was a major plumbing issue, which meant either Steve was going to have to work some magic or we'd have to call a plumber out (since he didn't bring his tools). Luckily Steve said all we'd have to do was make a visit to the dump station. Good thing it was around the corner and we're getting pretty good at hitching up quickly!

Even the dump station is pretty!
Doncha just love how Steve is dressed for this? This kind of thing really doesn't faze him
Overall, it only set us back about 25 minutes or so, and most of that time was spent putting things away so they wouldn't fall/scatter everywhere during the short ride to the dump station and back. It was annoying, though, because only about a day later, the tanks were full again. Yeesh! I guess I really need to watch my water usage. It's so hard to remember that. I think when you have a motorhome, it must be much easier to dump tanks because you can just get in the front seat and drive. When you have to worry about towing, it becomes more of a pain. Yet another reason we're considering a motorhome next time we upgrade...but that's another story for a different day!


  1. army showers and wash the dishes once a day..and don't run the water when you are brushing your teeth!!..flush only with number two?.or ever other time....those are my thoughts on water conservation..we can last all weekend without you may need to change your ways!..

  2. great tips, sue and doug!! it's going to be tough to change my ways but it's much better than having to dump every day, that's for sure.

  3. I just read your comment on Rick's blog with regards to dogs...we are lucky enough to own a Golden retreiver who loves everybody he as for your beloved pooch..pitt bulls have gotten a bad name but from what I have seen it is almost always the owner if there is an issue with any kind of dog..big or little...I am sure that Tucker and your pooch would get along just fine!!! day our paths will cross and what fun it would be to prove the 'list wrong'!!

  4. My tanks last at least a week, but I'm careful, take short showers, use paper plates, and it's only me. It's hard to remember, though, at first, and I'm getting more water frugal as I go along and can last around ten days usually. I'm aiming for 13 days this time, so I can dump on my way out of this park. I haven't had full hook-ups for a while.

  5. thanks for your kind words, Sue and Doug! I know we all get pretty protective of our pets so I was just trying to stick up for Lola! She has many annoying traits (always licking, always wanting attention!) but 'mean' and 'vicious' aren't among them. I know Tucker and Lola would adore each other!

    thanks for those tips, Barbara! Using paper plates is also a great idea. It's just so much easier to throw things away than it is to have to constantly wash them over and over. That's probably what got me in most of the trouble last time. 10 days is really impressive.

  6. My wife lets the water run when brushing her teeth and doesn't use the special off button on the shower head when she lathers up in the shower so we have to dump the gray much more often than most but thankfully you're right, we're in a Class A motorhome so if we aren't at full hookups I just unplug, put the slide in and head over the the dump station.

    My wife learned her lesson when she was in the shower one time and it was flowing water around her feet and she was shrieking and freaking out. I held back my laughter and went outside and dumped the gray quickly so she was fine, just had to re-wash her feet but now she knows that we need to watch the usage so I can dump some gray before her tootsies swim in gray water again.

    I have taken the practice of turning off the shower when lathering up at home now as well just to make it a habit. Leaves more hot water for she who hates cold water. :)~


  7. Hi Erik! Good to know I'm not the only one who sometimes forgets about water usage :) I would've been a pretty unhappy camper if my feet had been swimming in gray water too! Good tip, though, about trying to be more conscious about water usage when you're at home. That can only help!