Monday, May 30, 2011

Cooling Off

Yesterday we had quite the problem on our hands after figuring out our central air definitely wasn't working. We called a few RV repair companies, including one the Holly Shores office referred us to, but we didn't have much luck. The one guy Steve was able to get on the phone said he wouldn't do work for this campground. Steve even offered to bring the RV to him but apparently this guy didn't much feel like working on a Sunday during a holiday weekend.

So we had two options...either suffer through the heat until we could get a repairman out here, or cut the vacation short so we could bring the RV into the shop back home, where this would be covered under warranty anyway.

Luckily Steve had the excellent idea to buy a portable AC unit. It definitely came at a steep price, but at this point we were willing to do anything to get some cool air circulating inside our oven of a trailer.

The thing is kind of a beast:

40 lbs of cold-blasting goodness
There's no real attractive way to rig up a portable air conditioner. We needed the hot air in the vent to filter back outside, so Steve used a piece of cardboard to attach the vent to the window.

Cardboard windows, 'cause that's how we roll
After the AC kicked on, we were finally free! And it was time for the pool. Holly Shores has a nice-sized pool with water that's absolutely the perfect temperature. Most of the people in the pool were kids horsing around, while their parents worked on their tans on the chaise lounges. We did a mixture of both. Operation: Get As Tan As Genetically Possible has officially commenced, with Steve pulling out ahead at least for the day.

When we returned from the pool, it was a shock to see Lola sitting on the couch, when we'd put her in her crate with a bone before we left. Either Steve didn't latch it properly or she hatched quite the escape plan. The best part was that she didn't destroy anything! She literally just hung out on the couch and napped until we got back.

She's also a big fan of futons


  1. Glad to see you got around the problem and that portable unit will never go to waste once you get the rooftop unit fixed.I see you guys are from PA, Sam Is originally from Scranton and moved to MO after he got out of service two of our sons live in Brick NJ. and one is a VP of a company in New York City.We enjoy the small town life here in Dardenne Prairie MO at the Weeb Ranch. Hope we see ya some time in our travels. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Boo to broken AC. Yay to working portable unit. Yay to awesome Lola. We need to plan a trip! I want to go on vacation with you!

  3. Hi Sam and Donna- That's what we were thinking, at least we can use the AC unit at home after we get this central air fixed. Scranton isn't too far from us (outside Philly). Small world. We definitely hope to get out to the friend lives in Kansas City, so we may be driving through MO at some point!

    Lauren- come visit!! our door is always open...we'll definitely be back down the shore a bunch more times this summer!