Thursday, May 19, 2011

In only 8 days...

We're just about to set off on our first real vacation of the season. For the first time ever, we'll be spending a week (well, eight days to be exact) at the Jersey a campground instead of a crappy overpriced motel! (Don't get me wrong; I love those crappy motels -- they have a certain charm. But there's no way we're spending potentially over $1,000 for a room where the TV doesn't work and the bedspread is littered with cigarette burns.)

We've had this planned for weeks and have been talking about it pretty much nonstop. Our campground of choice, Holly Shores, was voted the Best Campground of 2010 by It's halfway between Wildwood (our favorite place) and Cape May, so if we want to add a touch of class to our stay, we can easily hop on over to the latter. Holly Shores also boasts a heated swimming pool and dog park (both new for the season!) and perfectly level sites (allegedly), along with some fun Memorial Day-themed activities.

The only problem is that our vacation is coming at the absolute least convenient time of the year. This weekend will be consumed with wedding activities (we're members of a wedding party), and I'll be in Nashville from Monday through Wednesday of next week for work. So that leaves us only Thursday and Friday of next week to pack (well, the part of those days where we aren't working), and then we're leaving late Friday night so we beat the Memorial Day weekend shore traffic.Will that be enough? Argh! I know that we usually leave packing for the last minute, but we're going to need clothing/supplies for over a week. We need to get crackin' on a serious list, and then figure out where we're going to PUT everything in the trailer. Honestly, I don't understand how full-timers do this, because I'm literally stressing over an eight-day trip!

The good part is that we're not checking in until Saturday afternoon, which means we're spending Friday night boondocking in a Wal-Mart somewhere in New Jersey (if they'll have us!). Then the next morning we can buy all our food for the week there, so that'll be one less thing we have to pack. 

Any suggestions for how we're going to get everything done in time, while staying (relatively) sane?


  1. Go to the forums if you have time and snag some checklists - for packing the rig, setting up camp, and breaking camp. I have six different sheets that I've put together from many I found. One of these days I'll pare them down to one GOOD list. If you want to e-mail me, I'll send them to you and you can cut and paste for your RV and situation.

  2. it is way easier to have two of almost everything..that way you are only packing the fresh food!..we had ours loaded like another home on wheels..I had one big bin that I used to bring things back and towels,

  3. like the bin idea a lot! thanks for the will be much easier if we have two of everything!