Monday, May 9, 2011

Lake-in-Wood, Part II

Last weekend we gave up free Flyers playoff tickets for the chance to take our trailer out for a little spin, and some much-needed RVing "practice" before we set off on our longer (in both duration and distance) trips. Steve, a devoted Flyers fan, was a bit conflicted about the decision, but I sure wasn't. Sitting in the freezing Wells Fargo Center while overzealous fans shout obscenity-laced insults in my ear (at the players, not at me, although I'm always a little afraid someone will) has never really been my thing. 

TV setup

As soon as we checked into Lake-in-Wood and hooked up, Steve's first priority was, of course, installing our RV-sized HD TV so he could catch the beginning of Game 1, Flyers v. Bruins.

First came the wall mount...
Then the TV! Yay

With the help of his tools, Steve had the whole thing up and running and tuned into the game in about 20 minutes. While he was doing this, I was preparing a light lunch of hot dogs for us (note the mustard in the bottom right of the above photo) and also busying myself taking self-portraits. Important stuff.

Lola time!

It's nice to be able to watch TV inside your RV, but on such a gorgeous day, we were itching to get outside. Steve managed to tear himself away after the first period of the game (the Flyers had started their sad descent anyway), and we headed up the hill with Lola to the "pet play area."

This place was absolutely awesome! We could finally let Lola off her leash and she was absolutely stoked. No other dogs were in sight; we had the whole huge, fenced-in yard to ourselves.

And she damn sure made the most of it...

So far, we were feeling extremely spoiled by the folks at Lake-in-Wood. There are so many campgrounds out there these days that restrict pets -- or certain breeds, and Lola's unfortunately falls in those restricted breeds. It's really gratifying to know that places like Lake-in-Wood appreciate and even celebrate our four-legged friends, giving them space to run, romp, fetch, etc.

During our stay here, we ran into quite a few other guests with dogs, and I was pleased to see Lola was among the most well-behaved. She never barked (she never really does, anyway), and she sat (mostly) still while a little girl petted her. She's growing up, y'all!

The good part about this place is that there were several different pet play areas, so depending on where your site was, you were never far from one. That's probably why there weren't any other canines staking a claim on that particular dog park. I'm definitely excited for her to play with other dogs at RV dog parks in the future, though. Maybe they can trade camping tips!


Upon check-in, we learned that dinner was going to be held at the Gnome Cafe at 5:30. The award-winning chef had prepared a smorgasbord of gnome dogs (giant hot dogs), sweet and mild sausages, German potato salad and a selection of cakes. Ummm...have I not mentioned before how awesome this place was? Everything tasted phenomenal, and we both went back for seconds (Steve to get another sausage, and me to get another piece of cake).

The restaurant itself was pretty adorable, with little gnome people decorating the walls and ceiling. I'm kicking myself now for not taking more pictures, but we were pretty consumed with the food. Next time we go, I'm going all-out with the gnome pictures. Promise.

But here's one outside the restaurant to tide you over until then: 

I don't think this is a good look for me

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  1. Gnome-April is awesome but not as awesome as Lola. I am so jealous of your adventures!