Monday, May 16, 2011

Lake-in-Wood, Part III (The Final Chapter!)

Steve isn't the biggest fan of picture-taking in public, but that's too bad! In the interest of our blog, I'm forcing him to change that attitude.

Which is why he was a little peeved when I insisted on snapping a pic of him carrying 30 lbs worth of logs for our campfire. He wouldn't stand still because he was just trying to get back to our site as soon as possible without dropping them or throwing out his back. But he managed a smile anyway:

My hero!

You might think that with a bundle of fresh logs and those fire-starter things, you'd have no problem getting a nice blaze going in no time. Not so. We started the fire while there was still plenty of daylight, and gradually the sky grew dimmer and dimmer.

Not much doing here
After a while, I went inside to escape the bugs while Steve (and Lola) kept a watchful eye on the fire:
Time to play yet?

Getting closer...

And then finally...

It was good timing, actually, because we ended up being just hungry enough for the s'mores we picked up supplies for earlier.

Waking up
After a restful night sleeping on our new memory foam mattress topper, we awoke to the incessant whimpering of the biggest baby in the world, aka Lola. It was approximately 6 a.m., much earlier than she even gets up at home. I know you're thinking she really needed to go to the bathroom, but she didn't. I sucked it up and took her out, only so she could proceed to drag me around the perimeter of our site, sniffing and exploring and doing everything but peeing. 

Needless to say, we were already up at that point, so Steve decided to make breakfast. We'd brought eggs and bacon from home, so Steve got that cooking while I fixed up some lovely instant coffee. I've only recently become somewhat of an early riser, but the mornings in the RV make it fun. There's something about being up early, smelling the fresh country air, and having the whole day stretch ahead with possibilities (that don't involve work or anything gross and unfun like that). Revelations, eh?

Before we prepared to leave, Lola enjoyed another romp in the dog park. Again, it was completely deserted, and she lapped up the space like it was her own personal water bowl (have you seen the paper towel commercial with the dog pawing frantically at his water bowl? That's Lola, like all the time).

Happy Lola
Sad Lola? No, that can't be it
Next time
The sole tragedy of our stay here was the fact that we didn't bring swimsuits, and when we arrived we found out they have a freaking indoor SWIMMING POOL. To add insult to injury, the camp store carried all sorts of clothing and swim accessories, but no bathing suits. I could've cried. The chance to go swimming indoors at the end of April, alas, was a dream deferred for another day.

Next time, we have big plans for Lake-in-Wood. We're definitely going to bring swimsuits (actually, we're going to stock a pair in the trailer so they're always there just in case). And in addition to taking a dip in the pool, we're going to take advantage of the lake as well. We saw some people paddleboating on Saturday, but we felt a bit overdressed. Note to us: No need to make fashion statements at the campground (okay, this is mainly just a note to me, but Steve has been talking a lot more recently about new shoes and shirts he wants to buy, so who knows...). For the summer, we'll definitely be just fine in shorts and T-shirts.

Going forward, we're doing a pros/cons list for every campground we visit. Even though we did come up with a few cons for this one, it took some thinking. Overall, this was a pretty awesome place, and close enough that we hope to be back plenty more times this summer.

Pros: Scrumptious dinner, very friendly and welcoming staff, spacious dog park, wooded site, resort atmosphere, beautiful scenery
Cons: WiFi was a little spotty, trading post was low on food/supplies, low water pressure, sites weren't level could I forget...Checkers!! The on-site horse/pony...

Definitely goes in the "pros" list
'Til next time!


  1. I WANT TO GO HERE. Bring me next time!

  2. all in the name of blogging..picture taking is the most necessary thing!